Why This Heartbroken Mom Is Grateful for Her Miscarriage

mom shares feelings after miscarriage

For Shelly Mettling, there's only one word that properly sums up the emotional last 72 hours that she's endured: Ugh. Two weeks ago, Shelly found out that she and her husband were going to be growing their family from two to three, and together they were excited, nervous, and extremely grateful. However, in the hours after learning that she miscarried, Shelly has found that one unexpected emotion endures.


"As we lay here losing something we prayed so damn hard for, I can't help but be angry, emotional, sad, confused, and frustrated!" she wrote on Instagram. "But the one feeling I am holding onto from two weeks prior ... GRATEFUL!"

mom stays grateful after miscarriage

Instead of letting the upset crush her, Shelly is choosing to appreciate the time that she was able to feel the power of motherhood, regardless of how short it was, and acknowledges that she can learn from this experience as it tests her strength. "I'm grateful that I got to experience the bond that a woman feels the instant she finds out she is growing a little human in her belly," she wrote. "I'm grateful I got to feel the love I was capable of feeling/giving to someone that I had never even met."

During this difficult time, Shelly is glad to have a platform where she can share her grief and hopefully inspire others while also having the unwavering support of loved ones around her. "I'm grateful for the family and friends that have been checking in on me and lifting me up when I've been so knocked down it's hard to visualize standing again!" she wrote. "I'm grateful for the mindset I've been working on daily the past two years and the fact that through all this pain I'm able to still see that there is purpose in all this madness!"

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Shelly is making the difficult decision not to let the darkness of her heartbreaking loss consume her and instead find inspiration in the quote "A grateful heart is a magnet for miracles," because she knows that life still has plenty of surprises in store for her. Instead of letting others assume how she's coping or feel sorry for her during this time, Shelly wants folks to know exactly how she's doing: "I'm sad, I'm heartbroken, I'm torn to pieces but I'm grateful!" she added. "There is something #Powerful about understanding when we are powerless..."

mom stays positive after miscarriage

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