This Dad's Hack to Get His Baby to Walk Is Beyond Genius

baby walking hack

Witnessing your child take his or her first steps is often a highly anticipated, bittersweet moment for parents. It's a major milestone that shows just how much your little one has grown, but sometimes babies need a little encouragement to get going. Instead of tempting his little one by moving a beloved toy or using his hands to help his baby walk, one dad came up with a genius hack: a hula-hoop.


This clever parent used the hoop to get his baby into a standing position and then somewhat independently make his way down the hall.

Dad uses hula hoop to help his kid learn to walk.

The result was just as effective as it was adorable, so it's no surprise why parents are loving this helpful idea! The inventive clip has already been viewed more than 682,687 times.

Just like a mom's diaper bag hack that recently went viral, this trick is a cost-effective way to help a mama out: Simply skip the expensive walkers or toys meant to encourage walking and grab an old hula-hoop instead!

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