Mom Claps Back at People Who Say It Isn't 'Normal' to Take a Bath With Her Boys

Mom taking a bath with her boys

Once you become a parent, privacy just isn't really a thing. Moments where you get to slip away for a shower alone or aren't interrupted while going to the bathroom can feel like fleeting luxuries, and it's up to each parent to decide at what age to start teaching kids about their bodies and setting boundaries. However, one mom is embracing innocent time spent with her kids and, despite critics who say it's not "normal" to take a bath with her sons, Stacey Solomon doesn't give a damn about how anyone else feels.


Stacey Solomon is a British TV personality and mom to 9-year-old Zachary and 5-year-old Leighton. She previously posted a photo of herself enjoying some bath time laughs with her kiddos as one of her children squirted her in the face with water.

"Isn't being a mum just the best thing in the world," she captioned the snapshot posted in honor of Mother's Day. "Even when they're shooting you in the face with their water pistols."

Mom taking a bath with her boys

Since first sharing the photo on social media, Stacey has been hit with critics judging her decision to bathe with her boys and let them see her naked at their ages. Although many of the negative comments have since been deleted from her post, Stacey spoke out to those who shamed her while cohosting a British daytime talk show.

"Anyone who's horrified by the thought of parents sharing a bath with their children, I think has issues," she said on Loose Women. "It's a normal thing in our house. It's almost like having dinner and going to bed and reading a bedtime story. Having a bath together is how we communicate and socialize and that's a massive part of our daily routine."

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She also shut down those who have a problem with it because they're always sexualizing a woman's body. "Why can't it just be the human body?" she said. "Why's it not normal?"

Stacey isn't alone in her choice to have some fun in the tub with her kids whenever she can, and many women expressed their gratitude for the mom-of-two's decision to share the snapshot. If you support the idea of bathing with your children, that's great, but if you aren't comfortable taking a shower with your kids, no matter their age, that's great too -- as long as you respect your fellow mamas and the personal decisions they make for their families!  

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