The 1 Thing You Should Never Say to a Mom With an Only Child


Once you become a mom, everyone suddenly has their own opinions about each move you make, and many feel completely justified in sharing them with you -- even when you didn't ask. From whether you should breastfeed and for how long, to judging a woman for having "too many" or "too few" kids, people take it upon themselves to comment on others' parenting. Instead of continuing to ignore it, one mom is sick of the shaming and clapping back at people who make assumptions about what her life is like with "only" one child.


Despite what some people might think, Nicolee Guevara works hard to be the best mother she can be to her little girl, Stella, and she is sick of hearing, "You think that's hard, try being a mother to three, four, or five."

On behalf of all parents with one child, Nicolee took to Instagram to break down what she needs other people to understand: 

"It doesn't matter how many children a mother has, either way motherhood is absolutely downright hard. Even being pregnant is hard. Putting someone else before your every need is hard. Raising toddlers who care about others is hard." 

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Nicolee explained that trying to fit into today's society is already hard enough without the mom-shaming. Like all moms, she's just doing her best, and despite how "easy" people think it is to only have one child, she doesn't sit around with free time for hair or makeup. "Yes, 'even with ONLY one' it's hard to have those little luxuries, so between no makeup and hair always sloppy, you have these other moms breathing down your neck telling you how easy it is with 'only one,'" she wrote. 


Thanks to outspoken mamas like Chrissy Teigen calling people out, it's become more taboo to ask a childless woman when she's going to have kids. But after a mom gives birth to her first baby, people seem to once again feel comfortable commenting on the number of kids she has -- especially if they think she has too many or should be having more -- but Nicolee's post perfectly puts them in their place.

"I'll tell you what I tell my 4-year-old," she added. "If you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all."

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