This Toddler's 'It'-Themed Photo Shoot Will Give You Worse Nightmares Than the Movie

toddler dressed up as pennywise from it
Brooke Tilghman/Facebook

In their natural forms, kids are already pretty creepy. They're small, they have intense eyes, and they're constantly saying things that sound like they belong in a horror film. One mother found herself face-to-face with one of history's creepiest characters when her son dressed his younger brother up as Pennywise from It.

  • Creative teen Eagan Tilghman channeled his makeup and photography skills to transform his brother, Louie, into the clown from everyone's nightmares.

    The 2017 remake of the iconic film It will be released on September 8, and many people are celebrating the resurgence of one of the most terrifying movies of all times. While most people are channeling their excitement through funny tweets and presale ticket buys, the makeover that Eagan Tilghman gave his little brother takes things to an entirely new level. 

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  • In the photos, little Louie is straight up terrifying.

    The clown makeup, the old-timey clothes, even the balloons.

  • Everything comes together to create something that has us genuinely awed at how creepy one toddler can be.

  • Mom Brooke Tilghman seems to be ridiculously proud of her talented boys.

    Even if one of them is a little too good at playing a psychopathic, murderous clown. 

  • Many who've seen the photos have expressed both terror and appreciation for the creative photo shoot.

  • Many have gone so far as to commend Brooke for her ability to remain without fear after having seen her son in such a state. 

  • Of course, not everyone was so supportive. Some wondered why her kids even know what "It" is in the first place.

  • And others seemed more concerned with the fact that Louie stood on train tracks for one of the photos.

    Brooke did not explicitly say that Louie had seen the movie -- only that his older brother turned him into the character for the purpose of the photo shoot. We also have no idea what went on behind the scenes of this shoot.

    Little Louie and his frightening clown getup might haunt our dreams forever, but we have to admit, he plays a pretty convincing horror villain.