This Prank Baby Shower Box Is the Only Gift You're Going to Want to Give New Moms


When you're preparing to become a parent, it's easy to get seriously overwhelmed months before even giving birth, thanks to all of the seemingly essential baby gear that everyone says you need -- when you don't actually know what it even does. From snot suckers to grass racks for bottles, if you’re new to the world of parenting, some of these products will make you do a double take and even wonder if they actually exist or if your mom friends are just making them up. But none of them hold a candle to this.

  • For moms with a good sense of humor, or their friends who love a laugh, Amazon has the ultimate baby shower prank gift: a Crib Dribbler.

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  • Don’t worry, you’re not spending your gift money on a random product that they aren’t going to use.

    The Crib Dribbler doesn’t actually exist, and the prank pack is just an empty gift box designed for maximum laughs.

  • The cardboard box looks like new packaging for this ridiculous product and is going to have gullible new parents seriously confused.

  • Just place whatever thoughtful and useful present you’ve picked out in this cardboard box and wrap it up.

    When it’s time for mom or dad to unwrap their baby gift, sit back and enjoy their confused expression as they read the truly bizarre baby product that you generously gifted them.

  • Bonus: the box comes with a coupon for infant energy drinks -- just what every new parent wants!