Toddler Tragically Dies After Getting His Neck Stuck in Car Window

toddler dead in car window accident
Love for Logan / Facebook

This summer has seen plenty of tragic indicents involving children and cars, most of them unfortunately stemming from children being left or trapped in hot cars. While people everywhere are raising awareness about this very serious issue, accidents like the one that killed a toddler in Indiana prove that even something as common as an automatic car window can be extremely dangerous when it comes to kids. 


Two-and-a-half-year-old Logan Vanderkleed has died after spending several days in the hospital due to injuries sustained by getting his neck stuck in an automatic car window. 

The incident occurred when Logan, along with other children, were sleeping inside of a parked, air-conditioned car while his father worked on another vehicle right next to them.

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Logan got his neck stuck when he accidentally used the automatic button to roll the window down and then back up again.

When he was found, the toddler was not breathing and was without a pulse, reportedly staying that way for some time before he was given CPR by medical personnel.

After being airlifted to Riley Hospital for Children in Indianapolis, he showed signs of low brain function stemming from the length of time he went without oxygen. By Monday, August 21, Logan brain's was still experiencing low levels of activity, but his doctors refused to declare him officially brain-dead. 

On Wednesday, August 23, the toddler underwent a surgery that was meant to preserve his heart valves. After his surgery, Logan started to breathe on his own, but later -- at 1:07 a.m. Thursday morning -- he passed away in his mother arms, with his family surrounding him.

"I felt a strong urge to hold Logan," his mother, Lisa Vanderkleed, wrote in a Facebook post following his death. "He just wanted his mommy. Moments after I got him, he took his last breath."

toddler dies automatic car window
Love for Logan/Facebook

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Logan's heart valves have been saved for future donation, and while the family is clearly devastated, they are glad that their son is no longer suffering. 

In an effort to keep his memory alive, the family had clay prints of the little boy's hand and feet made in the hospital.  

toddler dead in car window accident
Love for Logan/Facebook

A family friend has also started a GoFundMe campaign for the family, and friends and strangers alike have left dozens of heartfelt comments on the official Love For Logan Facebook page.

What happened to Logan Vanderkleed was obviously a heartbreaking tragedy, but it is always nice to see a community come together to help those in need. 

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