Why This Modest Nursing Mom Refuses to Apologize for 'Calling Attention' to Her Boobs

Mom with breast pump

Many moms love following singer Pink on social media because of her candid and relatable posts about motherhood. One of her recent pumping snapshots quickly went viral, and when mom Drea came across it, she didn't just "like" it -- it inspired her to rethink her position on breastfeeding in public.


"I saw a picture of @pink pumping on tour, and I thought, 'Wow, what a superstar,'" Drea wrote on Instagram, referring to this amazing pic:

Pink pumping on tour

Drea continued: "Then, at work, I watched myself pumping in the mirror and thought, "You know what, I'm a superstar, too!" And then I had this A Little Princess moment where I thought about ALL women as princesses (or queens) and the fact that there are mothers ALL OVER the world feeding their babies and pumping in tiny bathrooms or offices. And I mentally high-fived these superstar moms."

For Drea, the breastfeeding bond that she and her baby have fostered is "radical and all consuming." She appreciates that her body is not only keeping a tiny human alive, but also keeping her healthy and strong. However, she also admits that she isn't one who normally shares breastfeeding snapshots, but during a recent pumping session, she realized that these images simply capture strength.

"I thought about apologizing, since calling attention to my boobs is not really 'my thing,' but I have decided instead to own this," she wrote. "This is my story. This is part of my legacy and I want it documented."

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Drea explained that her breastfeeding journey has evolved during the short time that she's been a mother, but one of the biggest challenges and changes has been to what she considers to be modest. "So, here I am, loving a picture I would usually consider inappropriate (at least for myself)," she wrote. "Maybe tomorrow I won't find it a tasteful photo, but today, I feel strong, able and grateful to share." 

pumping mom selfie

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