Mom Brings Her Toddler to Live TV Interview & It Goes Exactly as Well as You'd Expect

toddler ruins news broadcast
ITV News

Toddlers are in a constant state of doing unknowingly hilarious things -- from making embarrassing admissions about stuff that happen at home, to straight up ruining important moments in the best ways possible. One little girl reached peak toddler when she completely took over an important interview with her mom on a British news broadcast

  • Mom Lucy Wronka appeared on Britain's ITV News to discuss her son George's milk allergy -- but bringing her toddler, Iris, may have been a mistake.

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  • At the beginning of the interview, Iris can be seen traipsing around the large table on set.

    Mom and big brother George appear to be sitting comfortably alongside the host, Alistair Stewart, while little Iris is joyfully unable to tell that something very important is happening. 

  • After reaching across the desk and trying to unsuccessfully grab Alistair's papers, Iris decided to try a different method.

    The mom, brother, and host all made attempts to continue their very important discussion about milk allergies while little Iris tried her best to hoist her body up and onto the desk.

    "You just carry on there," Alistair said at one point in the middle of the adorable interruption. 

  • At only a couple of minutes into the broadcast, Iris finally made it onto the desk -- much to everyone's horror.

    After a triumphant little dance she hunkered down in front of Alistair with her back to the camera. 

    The seasoned host handled it beautifully, quickly ending the broadcast with grace and amusement. 

    While mom Lucy looked slightly embarassed, everyone appeared to handle the situation very well. ITV News even published a short, good-natured piece about what happened on its website. 

  • Iris may have turned an important discussion into a complete mess, but she probably made plenty of people smile in the process.

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