You'll Never Hear 'Despacito' the Same Way Again Thanks to Sesame Street's Epic Remix

Sesame Street Despacito remix
Sesame Street / YouTube

When you have a song stuck in your head (whether it's the annoying theme song to your kiddo's favorite show or the week's "hot" song), there's little that you can do to help. But if the tune of "Despacito" is what's currently on loop in your head, know that you aren't alone -- even the Sesame Street crew can't stop singing it.


Sesame Street made a parody of Luis Fonsi's beloved song, and their epic version is dedicated to their love of rubber duckies. As Ernie and Rosita belt their devotion to el patito (the duckie), even Bert can't help but get into the remix. Warning: You might like this family-friendly version even more than the original!

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