This Company Wants Parents to Pay Them to Judge Their Parenting Skills

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The concept of what it means to be a good parent is pretty subjective. Obviously, we all want to make sure our kids are safe, healthy, and well loved, but the ways we go about doing those things can differ wildly. The pressure to have the perfect family and raise the perfect children can drive parents to do odd things -- like pay a professional company to come into their home and judge their parenting skills. Yes, really.


For families who are "overwhelmed by daily responsibilities," "in need of self-esteem building," raising a child who has been "diagnosed with a developmental delay," or just in need of help, a company called Cognition Builders claims to have the solution. 

Using what they call "education-based intervention," the relatively new company seeks to help families through some of their toughest times. To do this, they have assembled a team of "family architects." Experts in the field of human cognition, these architects use a blend of education and psychology in their efforts to improve the ways families behave.

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Families working with cognition builders are matched with a family architect based on their specific needs. From there, they determine whether or not their architects will live in or outside of their home for the duration of the specialized program. 

The company claims that "the goal is to be a proverbial fly on the wall during the difficult hours." For families that that don't have live-in architects, Cognition Builders goes another route. By installing Nest Cams in places like the living room and dining room, the company is able to closely monitor the family's social behaviors 24/7. Then -- when necessary -- the company feeds them prompts and suggestions for interactions through a pre-installed microphone in real time.

In addition to these services, Cognition Builder also has a bevvy of programs. Some deal with helping individuals transition from "therapeutic boarding schools" to new environments while others support students in "learning how to learn." 

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Of course, none of these services come cheap. Cognition Builders doesn't list any price points for their many services on its official website. An investigative piece done by The Cut found that one family spent around $80,000 to have one of their architects work with them for four months. 

The services offered by Cognition Builders obviously aren't very attainable for "regular" people who don't have mountains of cash lying around. But even if they were, it might not be the best idea.

All of the things the company seeks to help families with are very real issues, experienced by all different types of people. But at the end of the day, a good old-fashioned family therapist is probably a little more accessible -- and less invasive.

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