This Man Is Calling Out a Common Parenting Sign Because He's a Dad -- Not a Babysitter

Justin Simard

It doesn't matter whether you're a mom or a dad when you're trying to run a quick errand with a newborn and have a car seat, stroller, diaper bag, and screaming infant to deal with before you can even get out of the car. Yet, many people -- and signs -- assume that not only are moms the only ones running these errands, but that dads are never alone in public with their children. Justin Simard is fed up with this dated way of thinking and is calling out these sexist signs.


In a tweet that has quickly gone viral, the new dad from Canada shared a snapshot of himself and his 9-month-old baby standing in a grocery store parking lot. Behind them is a sign explaining that the parking space is reserved for expecting women and "moms with small children."

dad twitter

"Crap, am I allowed to park here? #notababysitter #dadissues," Justin tweeted at Sobeys, a common supermarket chain.

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When Justin saw the parking spot, he was at first grateful that there was a space near the door that he could park in since he was alone with his baby -- but he quickly realized the sign wasn't intended for "all" parents.

"When I went to get out of my car, the person in the spot next to me gave me a dirty look, which quickly vanished when I took my son out of his car seat," Justin told the Huffington Post UK. "Then the wording of the sign bothered me. What about single fathers? What about same-sex couples? It occurred to me that the sign could be more inclusive."

Justin's experience struck a chord with other parents on Twitter who understand the importance of inclusion and equal parenting roles.

Sobeys also realized the problem with its signs and responded to Justin on Twitter.

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