Mom Livid After 4-Year-Old Son Is Sent Home From School for Having Long Hair

Boy sent home from school for long hair

At their core, school dress codes are meant to serve as guidelines and help make schools a more cohesive place for students to learn. Unfortunately, however, it seems like ridiculously arbitrary rules are becoming the norm. Whether it's punishing girls for wearing shirts that show off their shoulders or micromanaging the length of little boys' hair, it's obvious that many dress code rules are way more distracting than the actual infractions. A mother in Texas is livid after her 4-year-old son was sent home from school due to his long hair.


As ABC13 reports, at the Barbers Hill School District's registration, mom Jessica Oates was made aware of the school's hair policy. Officials told her that her son would need an official letter citing a religious or cultural exemption in order to keep his hair long and attend the school. 

The dress code policy in the Barbers Hill School District in Texas states that for boys specifically, hair must be above the eyes, ears, and neck. 

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In an effort to follow the code as closely as possible without cutting his hair, Oates pulled her son's hair into a tight bun -- but the school remained unsatisfied. 

On his second day of school, he was sent home with a clear warning to his mother that he was not to return until his hair had been cut to meet official guidelines.

Oates, however, is refusing to comply. "That's who he is," she told local KTRK News. "I don't believe in it. I will not cut his hair." 

In reaction, the Barbers Hill School District released a statement to ABC13 stating that it will continue to enforce its policy. "Our local elected board has an established policy based on community expectations, and Barbers Hill Administration will continue to implement the said policy," the statement reads. 

As shown on WPSD TV's Facebook page, many parents have defended Oates's right not to cut her son's hair. 

Boy sent home from school for long hairBoy sent home from school for long hair

But others agree with the school's policy. 

Boy sent home from school for long hair

We aren't entirely sure how the length of little boys' hair affects their ability to learn, but we do know that enforcing meaningless dress code policies at the expense of a 4-year-old's education is downright ridiculous.

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As Jessica Oates said, "I feel like my son is owed the same education that all other children in this school district have."

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