Boys Are Wearing Off-the-Shoulder Shirts to Protest Their School's Unfair Dress Code

boys protesting dress code

The school year started off with a bang for one high school in Hollister, California. Much to the disbelief of the student body, the first day of school saw 50 female students at San Benito High School sent to the principal's office for violating the dress code. Their major offense: wearing trendy, shoulder-baring tops.


As Principal Adrian Ramirez explains to Yahoo Style, the school's dress code forbids female students from showing their shoulders -- but many students argue that this rule was not enforced during previous school years. Students feel that instead of being a long-standing part of the normal dress code, this is just the latest example of administrators trying to keep female students from "distracting" their male peers.


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Now here is what will restore your faith in young people: Outraged by the administration's actions, male students decided to organize a protest. How so, you may wonder? By showing up to school in their own fashionable off-the-shoulder tops. 

These boys came to slay. 

Not only did they show their solidarity, but they were also unswayed when school officials asked them to change. 

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Principal Ramirez asserts that the male students' protest was welcomed by the administration, telling Yahoo Style:

"Students are saying that they were hearing that the reason [shoulder-baring shirts] are not allowed is that it distracted the boys and that's definitely not it at all. And they felt offended by that, and I completely agree that, if that was our stance, I would be offended too. Part of my job is to clarify the why behind the dress code. Whether you are a male or female student, it's your own responsibility not to be distracted, regardless of your gender."

But this does beg the question: Why WERE female students asked to change? If the official stance is not that off-the-shoulder tops are a "distraction," then why can't girls wear them?

As one student on Twitter aptly points out, senior girls even wear off-the-shoulder tops for their school-issued senior portraits.

On a positive note, Principal Ramirez says he plans to create a committee to "start a conversation regarding dress code." He tells Yahoo Style, "I already have several students who are interested in being a part of it. The goal is to make sure they are heard and can express their opinions and concerns."

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In the meantime, it's refreshing to see the student body keeping the administration on its toes. This is hardly the first time female students have been shamed based on archaic dress code rules, but we love seeing boys show that they can and will stand in solidarity with their female classmates. As one Twitter user wrote:


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