Parents Furious After Their 4-Year-Old Daughter Is Duct Taped to a Chair at Daycare

girl duct taped to chair at daycare

For many parents, being able to take advantage of childcare options like daycare can be a real lifesaver. Generally speaking, they offer you a place to have your child taken care of by professionals while also gaining some crucial early-childhood peer skills. There are even studies that show how advantageous daycare can be in childhood development. But occasionally a daycare that parents assumed they could trust completely misses the mark. Elysha Brooks and Christian Evans are furious after they were shown a photo of their little girl duct taped to a chair at the daycare center she frequents.


The girl's parents aren't sure exactly when this photo was taken. According to mom Elysha, the daycare made no effort to contact the family to alert them that anything was wrong or an incident had taken place. Both parents were completely unaware this had happened to their daughter until they were contacted by the Department of Children and Family services and sent a photo of their 4-year-old duct taped to a chair. 

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The daycare in question is Little Learners of Florissant, a center in Missouri that the parents send their daughter to often. 

"I'm looking at a picture of my daughter duct taped to a chair," Elysha Brooks told local WBRC News. "And her facial expression, I can just imagine how she felt." 

In reaction to the incident, the parents have launched an investigation of their own in hopes of finding out exactly what happened, why it occurred, and who, specifically, is responsible.

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"I won't be happy until that daycare is shut down, for one," said dad Christian Evans. "And whoever did this to my child, whoever it is ... she needs to be in jail."

In the meantime, Brooks has issued wise but chilling words to all parents.

"Double-check on these daycares before you go to them because I thought my daughter was safe."

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