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  • Luckily, Madi went to her parents to express her discomfort.

    After reviewing the messages his daughter had received, Brad sent one of his own before taking his case to the police. 

    Unfortunately, it is often difficult for authorities to find the people who prey on children through applications like But with the help of one hardworking detective, this particular predator has been identified. 

    "The detective has found the IP address of this person and has submitted a subpoena to this app to freeze all records pertaining to this person(s). They are continuing to make progress!" Brad wrote in an update on his original Facebook post. 

    Brad also encourages parents to educate their children so that they are well equipped to handle the situation should something like this ever occur. 

    "Please, tell your kids to let you know if anyone ever asks something like this, let them know it's okay to tell you. It has helped us in this situation," he wrote. 

    While this story doesn't necessarily make parents any less fearful, it does serve as a reminder that education and diligence are key when it comes to protecting our kids.

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