Garth Brooks Helps Couple With Their Baby's Gender Reveal & the Video Is Everything

garth brooks concert gender reveal
Love What Matters/Facebook

Wesley and Katy Hansen knew that there was a slim chance that Garth Brooks would notice their sign in a sea of poster board. A few days before the concert, a pregnant Katy had her first ultrasound, and the soon-to-be new parents knew they wanted to do an interesting gender reveal -- and they wanted to be surprised. It was Katy's idea to try to get Garth Brooks involved.


In a Facebook live video, Brooks reveals that at his concert in Los Angeles on July 21, he wasn't sure what exactly to make of the sign that read, Working on a Full House, Girl? Boy? In the footage of the live show, you can even see him say, "Well, I know that isn't a song request." (In 1990, Brooks released a song called "Two of a Kind, Workin' on a Full House.")

garth brooks couple gender reveal concert
Wesley Hansen/Facebook

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Taking a longer look at the sign and the manila envelope Katy was waving above her head, Brooks quickly realized that the Hansens were asking something pretty special of him. "So, you don't know if you're having a Garth or a Brook?" he asks. The couple had no idea.

garth brooks concert couple baby gender
Stephanie Evers/Youtube

He then calls the young couple up to the stage and gives them this sage parenting advice: "A couple of things, alright? The only thing better than one is 50. Have as many as you can afford. It's awesome. You'll see! Once they give you that baby, you'll go, 'I'll take 100 more of these.'"

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Drawing the moment out just a tiny bit longer, Brooks asks the parents if they have a name picked out. "BROOKS!" they tell him. 

"So if it's a boy, it's a Brooks. If it's a girl, it's a Brooks," Garth says, a little emotional. He then carefully rips the envelope open. 

"I've gotta tell you, I'm extremely happy for you because I have three of these," Garth -- a father of three girls -- tells the Hansens. Proving that their master plan had been worth the risk. 

garth brooks couple baby gender concert
Wesley Hansen/Facebook

If that hadn't had been enough excitement, Brooks then makes the couple an offer that will change their lives forever. "Let's make a deal. If I'm alive when Brooks goes to college, we'll pay for her college," he tells them, to the overwhelming cheers of the crowded stadium. 

In his Facebook video caption, Wesley writes, "We didn't even expect him to reveal our baby's gender, so for him to make an offer to pay for our child's college, unprompted, was a complete shock and we could not be more grateful!"

It's moments like these that make Garth Brooks a legend.

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