Hitting Your Kids Is the Same as Breastfeeding Them -- According to This Parenting Expert

spanking the same as breastfeeding
Good Morning Britain

The spanking debate is one that will probably go on forever. Many parents believe that the only way to raise well-behaved kids is to spank them. Some have promised to never hit their kids in any way or fashion. And others toe the line by only doing it in certain instances. Whatever your stance is on the subject of spanking, it probably isn't as "out there" as this parenting expert who essentially believes that loving actions like breastfeeding and hugging can be directly compared to spanking.


The Campaign for Real Education (CRE) is a United Kingdom–based group that seeks to "press for higher standards and more parental choice in education." While many in the UK describe the CRE as a right-wing group, it maintains that it is staunchly apolitical. Along with reportedly campaigning for an end to teaching anti-racism and anti-sexism in schools, the CRE also seems to be a strong advocate for spanking. Recently, one of its advocates, Katie Ivens, appeared on Good Morning Britain to debate the topic. 

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In addition to the two hosts, Ivens sat alongside Sue Atkins, a former teacher and parenting expert, who maintains the opinion that parents should avoid spanking their children.

When host Jeremy Kyle asked Ivens if spanking should be the "ultimate punishment" or just a regular part of parenting, she replied, "I'm saying we have tactile relationships with our children. We hug them, we kiss them, we breastfeed them, and so on. And there are times when, like the child running out into the road, I remember when my children did that and I shook them [and said] 'never you do this again.'" 


So, breastfeeding your kids is in the same category as shaking and spanking them? Look, we're all for "hearing both sides" of this argument for the sake of expanding our understanding of the subject. But we have to admit, that explanation is pretty damn murky. 

The implication that every normal "tactile" activity you engage in with your child can be compared to spanking them is outright ridiculous. 

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The American Academy of Pediatrics and plenty of other notable experts and organizations have taken official stances against spanking based on real scientific research proving it has zero good outcomes.

Ultimately, parents are going to do what they think is best when it comes to disciplining their children. But trying to justify your decision to spank your kids by even just kind of comparing it to an activity like breastfeeding is so beyond bonkers that we can barely comprehend it.

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