These Sisters Gave Birth to 'Twin Cousins' & We're Obsessed

twin cousins pregnancy
Brenden Boggs/So Cute Photo

We're all suckers for amazing, unique birth stories. Whether it's parents getting their rainbow babies after years of trying, or photos of rare umbilical cord "true knots," we love it all -- especially if it makes us feel something. While their story isn't necessarily tear-inducing, these twin sisters who gave birth to their daughters on the same day are sweet enough to make you smile. 


Sisters Corey and Katie have been close their entire lives, in that inseparable way that only twins can be. But even their special "sticky sisters" connection (as they jokingly call it) didn't prepare them for what happened when they realized they were pregnant at the same time.

In an interview with Cosmopolitan, Corey Struve Talbott and her sister Katie Struve Morgan said they realized they were both pregnant a few days before Christmas in 2015. After taking a pregnancy test, Corey confided in her sister about the results. It was only then that Katie revealed she was expecting as well, and had known for about two weeks. 

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Originally, the duo's due dates were a few weeks apart, with Corey scheduled for a C-section about 10 days after Katie was due. But fate decided to intervene with plans of its own when their shared doctor suggested that Corey move her C-section up to the day Katie went into labor. 

twin cousins pregnancy
Brenden Boggs/So Cute Photo

The twins later gave birth to their daughters 15 minutes apart, in the same hospital, by the same doctor, and in rooms right next to each other. Theirs is a story almost too amazing to be true.

The sisters even decided to coordinate on the names of their beautiful daughters, with Katie's little girl being called Indie Mae and Corey's little one called Ryatt Rae.

The "twin cousins" are ridiculously adorable. Both resemble their mothers -- and each other -- a lot. "They're really natural with each other," Corey told Cosmo. "You can tell they definitely know each other almost like sisters."

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twin cousins pregnancy
brenden boggs/so cute photo

Having done a joint maternity shoot, the sisters called on their photographer, Brenden Boggs of So Cute Photo, to help commemorate their girls' first birthday. It was Brenden who had the suggestion to recreate their original photo using the beautiful matching turquoise dresses they wore in the first ones.

Hand in hand with their babies on their hips, Corey and Katie offer a picture-perfect view of sisterhood -- one that definitely makes us want to call up our own sisters and coordinate a double pregnancy (or at least a joint birthday party) in an effort to be even half as cute. 

You can see more of Indie Mae, Ryatt Rae, and their moms on their joint Instagram account. 

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