Target Now Sells Sensory-Friendly Clothes & Your Kids Are Going to Want Them All

 sensory-friendly clothes

It's kind of a universally understood truth that moms love Target -- and with good reason too! In recent years, it has increased its line of stylish plus-sized clothes, expanded its collection of affordable gear for kids, and even offered "quiet" shopping hours for children with autism. Those things are so great that it's no wonder Target's recent release of a new line of sensory-friendly clothes has only made us admire the store more. 


Target released a statement on its corporate website on August 13 providing details for the unveiling of its new merchandise. In an expansion of its popular Cat & Jack line of children's clothing, Target is now offering a great selection of sensory-friendly clothes.

sensory-friendly clothes

For children who experience sensory processing disorder, something as simple as a rough tag or a prominent seam can pose a big problem. This disorder often comes with symptoms that make bright colors, loud sounds, and rough materials extremely hard to handle. The sensory overload can cause real distress in kids who experience it.

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The clothing options for children with this disorder are very limited and often require parents to resort to dull clothing or altering items after purchasing them. In response to this, Target has managed to create clothes that are adorable, sensory-friendly, and affordable at the same time, making them desirable to parents and kids across the spectrum.

"The pieces include heat-transferred labels in place of tags, flat seams, and one-dimensional graphic tees, all designed to minimize discomfort when in contact with the skin," reads Target's offical statement. "The pieces are based on existing Cat & Jack styles, combining both fashion with function ... all at affordable prices."

On top of being sensitive to visual and physical sensory issues, the line also features leggings that "ease through the hips" and rise a little higher. These features help make bathroom time for older kids who still wear diapers way easier.

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These new additions have obviously been created with plenty of care and forethought. In Target's statement, Stacy Mason, design director for Target's plus-size fashion lines, spoke about the personal connection she has to the project: "I have a 7-year-old daughter, Elinor, who has autism. She's not potty trained, which means that finding clothes that fit is a challenge ... I've met lots of other parents who face similar challenges, including many of our guests and team members." 

sensory-friendly clothes

As of now, Target's line of sensory-friendly children's clothes is available exclusively online. While the number of featured items isn't necessarily huge yet, it is an amazing first step in the right direction.

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