Barbie Now Has a Pooping Dog & It's Actually Pretty Awesome

barbie pooping dog

We have seen her be a doctor, an architect, a business executive, an editor of an international fashion magazine -- she even did a stint as a McDonald's cashier. Let's face it: Barbie is the most famous woman in America. But even this 58-year-old icon has to have her "Stars, They're Just Like Us" moment. In her most relatable role to date, Barbie is taking on something a little more mundane: cleaning up after her dog on a walk. 


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Mattel just introduced the "Walk and Potty Pup," a rescue dog for Barbie that comes with a unique accessory: tiny plastic dog poop.

barbie dog

The toy retails for $19.99 and is meant to teach kids about the joys and responsibilities of caring for an animal. According to the Mattel website, kids can "wind the knob on the puppy's side and pull back on the leash -- the puppy starts walking all on her own!"

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But the fun doesn't stop there. Barbie's little friend comes with a leash and tiny scooper set, for one of the more pure joys of pet ownership.

barbie rescue dog

As this amazon user puts it:


Laughs aside, the toy can be a good way to introduce your child to taking care of an animal, and it's one of many in a line of dolls dedicated to teaching kids about pet care (they even have a dog that has puppies!).

It's just ... really? Poop?

Come on now.

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