Quick-Thinking Mom Shields Her 3 Kids From Falling Tree That Knocked Her Unconscious

tree falls central park
NBC New York

When it comes to our kids, moms have the unbelievable ability to commit acts of daring bravery. Whether it's saving children from choking or rescuing a burning bus full of kids, quick-thinking moms never cease to amaze us. And now we have another one to add to our list. In an event that comes straight out of a modern-day superhero movie, one brave mother attempted to shield her three children from a falling tree that landed on her in Central Park


Tuesday morning, a mother and her three young sons were taking a stroll through Central Park when a tree came crashing down on them. Those in the park who witnessed the incident claim they could hear the tree cracking before it actually fell.

Within seconds of the noise, the woman, who was pushing a double stroller and wearing an infant carrier, was pinned under the tree -- but not before she tried her hardest to shield her children from the impact.

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Amazingly, her children, who range in age from about 2 months to 4 years old, were shaken up but otherwise relatively unharmed. The mother, however, was pinned under the fallen tree for about 10 minutes, going in and out of consciousness until she was transported to the hospital.

"She was lying on her back," witness Jack Jones told CBS. "The stroller was off a couple of feet in front of her -- that was also twisted up in the branches. She wasn't bleeding. Her eyes were open. She was breathing. She was moving her hands. When she came to, that's the first thing she was asking. She didn't know where she was, but wanted to know where her kids were at."

A couple of joggers and two mounted police officers were among the witnesses that aided in rescuing the kids from underneath tree branches and calling for help.

tree falls on woman in central park

"My reaction was to get the kids out of the stroller so we could get to the mom," witness Tammy Jones told CBS. 

The brave mother and all three of her boys were hospitalized immediately following the accident but are faring well. Doctors expect the mom to make a full recovery.

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As of now, it is still unclear what caused the tree to spontaneously fall, but park officials are continuing their investigation. 

What happened to this mother and her children was certainly a freak accident, but we applaud her quick thinking and wish her a very speedy recovery.

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