Horrified Mom Finds Live Stream of 8-Year-Old Twin Daughters' Bedroom Online


mom finds baby monitor livestream
ABC News

The invention of high-tech baby monitors with things like movement sensors and cameras had parents everywhere leaping for joy. No more running into the nursery every time you hear so much as a peep; all you need to do is open an app on your phone and see what your child is up to. These things bring peace of mind to parents all over the world. But one Texas mother experienced the exact opposite when she discovered her 8-year-old twin daughters' bedroom being live streamed online.


Mom Jennifer, who withheld her last name, was informed of the live stream by a friend on Facebook. The woman found out about the live stream from a post in a Houston mothers' group by Shelby Ivie, who'd come across the footage online and was asking others to help her track down the family so they could be warned. 

Ivie and her young son had been searching for satellite pictures and live feeds of Earth when they stumbled across the Live Camera Viewer app and downloaded it. It was there that they discovered the live stream of a little girl's bedroom. "I was in tears, thinking of the violation [Jennifer] must feel," Ivie told ABC News

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The family is certain that hackers gained access to the cameras by discovering the family's IP address while her daughter played video games online. The live stream had been up since July 27 and had 571 likes.

"We have security cameras to protect them," Jennifer told ABC News. "I feel like I've failed. People are watching my kids in their home -- dressing, sleeping, playing."

In regards to "nanny cams," Kevin Haley of Symantec Security Response told ABC News, "If the system is connected to the Internet then it's vulnerable to attack. And most of these systems have not been designed to be secure."

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What happened to Jennifer and her family is obviously a parent's worse nightmare, and will make most people think twice before installing any cameras that aren't absolutely necessary. Wanting to be able to keep a close eye on your children is only natural, but instances like this make it obvious that sometimes the things we use in order to do that could actually make our children even more vulnerable.

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