Mom Brilliantly Claps Back After Being Shamed for Baby's Cheeseburger Smash Photo Shoot

cheeseburger vs. veggie baby photoshoots
Laura Stennett Photography
Most of us think of "smash"-themed baby photoshoots as involving some form of crumbly, frosting-covered cake. But let's be honest, babies look adorable smashing just about any food: doughnuts, tacos -- oh, and cheeseburgers! There's evidence of this, thanks to photographer Laura Stennett. The Anchorage, Alaska–based pro recently did an adorable cheeseburger smash photo shoot of her friend Lauren Ashcraft's 9-month-old son, Liam. But of course, because we live in very cranky, digital time, the fast food–themed shoot caused a horde of sanctimommies to descend on Ashcraft. Thankfully, she and Stennett had the perfect response.

  • When these "OMG, can you even"–level shots hit the Internet and started to make headlines, some overly concerned parents piped up.

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  • There was so. much. judgment.

    Stennett told Scary Mommy that after sharing the photos on her Facebook page, she "woke up to see hateful, rude, judgmental comments from moms who were clearly passing it around in private parenting groups and saying extremely negative things about the shoot and our decision to surround Liam in McDonald's cheeseburgers. As though we would actually feed an 8-month-old 20 cheeseburgers."

  • Sennett was appalled and said she has just been deleting the comments "as they come."

    "I won't allow my friend and her beautiful baby to be insulted and hurt, because some sanctimommies feel the need to judge her parenting choices based on a FUNNY SHOOT that was actually MY idea," she told Scary Mommy.

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  • Ashcraft tells CafeMom she was also caught off-guard by the vitriol.

    "The most surprising reaction to the cheeseburger shoot was all of the hate and anger some people felt towards me as a mother," she explains. "They said horrible things about my baby possibly getting diabetes and heart disease from simply licking a photo prop. The cheeseburgers were there as a cake would be in a cake smash shoot. Obviously, the child doesn't eat the whole cake, just like Liam didn't eat the burgers. He did, however, find out he loves pickles!" Aww!

  • When faced with this eye roll–inducing backlash, Sennett and Ashcraft conspired to come up with the perfect response ... involving Liam's twin Lola

  • Lola's shoot featured organic fruits and veggies "tenderly cultivated with only the finest imported soil and watered with the tears of angels." LOL

    "We decided to do the veggie shoot with Lola, because of the uproar the cheeseburger shoot brought on," Ashcraft explains to CafeMom. "We thought it would be silly to link her pictures to every hater's comment and see if that could lighten their mood a little!"

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  • Of course, the "retaliatory" shoot also came out absolutely adorable.

  • In the end, Ashcraft is chuckling about the Internet's reaction to her twins' smash shoots.

    "We had a blast, and the pictures will be cherished by our family forever," Ashcraft tells CafeMom. "In my opinion, that's all that really matters! I think the twins will love to hear about the story of their Internet stardom when they are older! It's definitely a conversation starter!"

    We couldn't agree more!