Mom-Daughter Duo Nail Disney Princess Cosplay & Give the Internet #DressUpGoals

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Camillia Courts is a mom and a photographer from British Columbia, Canada, whose jaw-droppingly gorgeous Disney-inspired photos have been making headlines like crazy -- understandably!

  • The images feature Courts and her 8-year-old Layla, whose mother-daughter Disney cosplay was initially inspired by a family trip to Disneyland.

    "I bought Layla an Elsa dress in the [theme park] and thought it'd be fun to do a Frozen-themed photo shoot with her," Courts tells CafeMom. "I also used it as an opportunity to learn more about Photoshop, [as] I'm a full-time wedding photographer. The photo got a huge response, and after that, we started doing a princess a month!"

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  • "Elsa was the first princess and I had no idea what was about to start for us," Courts admits.

    Truly, all Courts says she wanted to do was take a "cute" photo of her daughter "in her favorite dress."

    But when the pair moved on to having Layla dress up as Rapunzel a few months later, something changed. "I realized we'd really tapped into something special," Courts explains. 

  • The first shoot they did as a mother-daughter team was the Evil Queen and Snow White.

    The stunning shoot was a real game-changer for the pair. "That's when I saw that this fun little project of ours was incredibly popular and that our followers liked seeing us together," Courts explains.

  • From there, Courts and her LO got even more creative with their cosplay and shoots!

    "My favorite has been Ursula so far," Courts shares. And it was that same shoot that she'll point to as her fave for her daughter. "I LOVED seeing [Layla] as Ariel," she told us. "My heart was exploding." Aww

    "I'd love to recreate that session," Courts admits. "It was such a blast!"

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  • Layla has also posed as Belle, Jasmine, Moana -- the list goes on and on! Talk about a little girl's dream come true.

  • And they even had their own beautiful interpretation of 'Finding Nemo.'

    Layla makes the prettiest Dory of all time, right?

  • And Courts says she's still thrilled with their portrayal of the live-action version of 'Maleficent.'

    "Who wouldn't want to try to look like Angelina Jolie?" she says. Fantastic question!

    Really, who wouldn't want to try to look like any of these memorable Disney characters? Courts and her daughter manage to pull it off in a truly epic way. Bravo to them! We can't wait to see even more from this adorably dynamic duo.

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