Mom Shares Kid's Psycho 'Superhero' Art & Makes Us All Feel Better About Our Own Weirdo Kids

superhero janet kids drawing

When your kids' personalities starts becoming apparent, you quickly realize they can be really freakin' funny -- and oh so, so bizarre! If your kid has done something at one time or another that's made you shake your head, laugh, and think she must be the strangest, albeit most imaginative, child in her class, then you need to see the hilarious drawing that one mom shared this week. Amanda Mancino-Williams said her kid created "a new superhero," and ... seriously, you just need to see it to fully understand.

  • Mancino-Williams tweeted to her 40K Twitter followers that her daughter Luca went to an art day camp and was tasked with creating a new superhero.

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  • Janet is the imaginative, terrifying, and hilarious superhero Luca came up with.

    Yes, Janet's superpower is "cutting people in half with giant scissors" -- and she is a "hero only to herself." Whoa. 

    And what's that stick about? When asked that Q on Twitter, Mancino-Williams said Luca's response was: "A twig that she smacks the jerks down with." Amazing.

  • The drawing has inspired a bevy of responses on Twitter, including this baby's Janet cosplay look ...

  • ... daily affirmations for people who need a bit more positivity in their lives ...

  • ... and fan art. Yes. Janet fan art exists!

    Mancino-Williams even compiled a whole Twitter Moments page of fan art that has sprung up in the wake of sharing Luca's drawing. The proud mama said that the art made the little girl's day!

  • Moral of the story: Next time your LO comes home with a truly wacky, eyebrow-raising project, consider posting it to Twitter. Sometimes kids' most hilarious, weirdest, and most terrifying creations are actually pure genius. And could earn them a whole fan following to boot!

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