This 10-Minute Exercise Promises to Repair Your Abs Post-Pregnancy

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The "Mummy Tummy" is a not at all uncommon symptom of carrying a child. Even after your precious bundle is born, that little pooch you've acquired sticks around as a constant reminder that you're officially a changed woman. While many new moms wear their post-baby tummies with pride, it can be a huge source of insecurity for others. Diet and exercise help, but finding the time to take care of your kid, prepare uber-healthy meals, and get in a solid hour+ of exercise a day is next to impossible for new moms -- and it still may not lead to your being able to kiss your mummy tummy good-bye. At least, not as well as the Dia Method can.


Created by personal trainer Leah Keller and Dr. Geeta Sharma, an ob-gyn at Weill Cornell Medical Center-New York Presbyterian Hospital, the Dia Method is meant to "strengthen your core" and "improve your body" in a short amount of time. Keller tells NPR, "You can easily expect to see two inches off your waist in three weeks of time."

And these results are easily accomplished with only about 10 minutes of exercise a day. 

About one in three women experience something called diastasis recti after giving birth, according to a study conducted in Norway. The name may sound daunting, but it essentially refers to the natural separation of abdominal muscles that occurs during pregnancy. This condition is usually harmless, but in some situations it can lead to lower back pain and hernias. It's also what causes "mummy tummy."

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Leah Keller's Dia Method focuses on reducing diastasis recti using a singular key move that involves tightening your abdominal muscles and using breathing techniques to expand and contract your abs while you're in multiple different positions: on your back, cross-legged, and even on all fours.

the dia method

The Dia Method definitely isn't the most physically taxing exercise you'll ever partake in, but it is probably one of the most beneficial. A small pilot study conducted by Leah Keller and Dr. Geeta Sharma "found 100 percent of women achieved full resolution."

This isn't just for brand new mamas either! Keller states that women as much as a year post-pregnancy have experienced tons of progress using her method.

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Of course, you should always consult your doctor to make sure any exercise is the right one for you. But, if you're curious to know more about the Dia Method, you can head over to the website for more information or to access detailed workout plans.

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