People Are Hilariously Trolling This Mom Who Asked to Reschedule the Eclipse Because Her Kids Have School

Kodi Wynn/Facebook

We're quickly approaching back-to-school time, and that means parents in many parts of the country are lost in a haze of supply lists, clothing sales, and school bus schedules. It's not an easy time for any parent, but a mom in Texas seems to have let the stress of it all get the better of her. The Internet is trolling a woman after she commented on a planned solar eclipse watch party to ask if they could "reschedule" because kids have school that day.

  • It all started when the Perot Museum of Nature and Science in Dallas, Texas, announced a party for the solar eclipse later this month.

    As you probably know, a rare solar eclipse will be visible coast-to-coast in the US on August 21, and hundreds of museums and organizations in cities across the country are planning special events to mark the occasion.

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  • But a woman prepping for back-to-school week was like, "NOPE. Not gonna work!"

    She posted on the event's Facebook page asking to reschedule the eclipse, because "most kids go back to school" the same day.

    She's since deleted her post, but Facebook user Kodi Wynn captured the mom's hilarious comment in a screenshot that quickly went viral.

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  • Wynn also snagged a few very confused follow-up comments.

    Yes, yes, she did kind of ask to reschedule the sun. 

  • One guy even offered to reschedule the eclipse for April 2024 -- the predicted date of the next solar eclipse that will be visible from the US.

    Well played, sir.

  • And some offered similarly unhelpful (but funny AF) solutions.

  • It wasn't long before people started chiming in with their own hilarious excuses for needing to "reschedule the sun."

  • This poor woman! LOL

    Clearly, this woman made a mistake. Maybe she thought it was just a party for the eclipse but not the actual event. Maybe she was so frazzled with back-to-school shopping lists she didn't really realize what she was RSVPing for.

    Either way, her question certainly riled up the Internet. And, even though we feel kind of bad about it, we cannot stop laughing.