'Doc McStuffins' Episode Featuring 2 Moms Triggers Meltdowns on Facebook -- but People Better Get Used to It


Over the weekend, Doc McStuffins showed kids everywhere that love is love is love is love with an episode featuring a family of dolls, headed by two moms, voiced by Wanda Sykes and Portia de Rossi. The story line of the episode focused on the family learning about the importance of emergency preparedness, following an attack by a toy dragon at their home. This was no big soapbox-y spectacle about same-sex parenting -- just a story involving a family that happened to be headed up by two moms. Unfortunately -- albeit unsurprisingly -- not everyone reacted with heart eyes emojis. The day the episode aired, dozens of parents took to Facebook in outrage to explain why they won't be letting their kids watch Doc McStuffins anymore.

  • Along with an article by One Million Moms slamming the episode, an Alabama mom wrote that she's banning the show in her house.

    "I have one heartbroken little girl!" Edmondson wrote. The mother went on to publicly explain that she can't continue to show her LO the show because "marriage according to the Bible is for man and woman and we will continue to teach our child in this manner."

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  • Other commenters on the original One Million Moms Facebook post agreed with Edmondson.

    one million moms comment
  • But, while most commenters on Edmondson's post showed support for her stance, there were others, like this one, who questioned it.

    facebook comment
  • Luckily, it seems the majority of the Internet has turned out to cheer the move by Disney.

    According to Animation magazine, Doc McStuffins is the first show on Disney Junior to offer an LGBT-inclusive story line, and it's the first animated series to showcase a family headed by a same-sex couple on the Disney Channel. So, many are seeing the move as an exciting, progressive one!

  • Some viewers spoke out to share that they were psyched to see a family like their own on the animated series.

  • Whether you caught the episode already or have yet to watch, this adorable featurette, posted by Disney TV News, offers a behind-the-scenes glimpse.

    In the clip, Wanda Skyes gives the show props for the plotline. "My kids, they watch the show, and with this episode, they see a family that looks like our family," she said. "We're two moms, and we have a boy and a girl, two kids. It's going to be very exciting for them to see that, to see our family represented." Cheers to that!!

    Ultimately, the critics are welcome to deny their LOs the Disney show. But it's a shame their kids will miss out on this overdue reality check and celebration of love.