New Calculator Tells You Exactly How Much Sleep You've Lost Since Becoming a Mom

Tired mom falling asleep

Remember those hopefully now-distant memories of waking up in the middle of the night again and again (and again) to feed LO, burp LO, change LO, and do just about anything to get him to sleep -- so you could finally get some rest? Thinking back to those wakeful nights makes us wonder just how much shut-eye we've sacrificed over the years. Well, now we can tally it up, thanks to this interactive sleep loss calculator for parents that just might leave you dazed and confused as to how you ever survived.

  • Hillarys, a UK home store, created the Lost Sleep Calculator that computes exactly how much sleep parents have lost over the years.

    And if you're curious to find out how much sleep you've lost since becoming a parent, you simply enter your kids' exact ages to find out.

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  • But be warned: The answer might leave you feeling like you need to lie down.


  • For example, a new mom with a 1-year-old has lost approximately three months of sleep, which breaks down to 77 days and 1,836 hours.

  • But wait, there's more! The Lost Sleep Calculator also comes with other great features, like calculating all the diapers you've changed ...

  • ... all the bedtime stories you've read ...

  • ... and all the songs you've sung to LO all while praying to the heavens it's enough to keep your child in a deep slumber for the night.

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    The Lost Sleep Calculator also reveals that one in four exhausted parents has been so tired, he or she accidentally put a cell phone inside the fridge, and that one in nine moms and dads has sleepily cradled his or her cat -- thinking it was the baby.

  • Just thinking about all this lost sleep is enough to make us want to cry ... but we made it and can encourage new parents to keep hope alive.

    The struggle is beyond real, but it's so worth it.

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