Mom Claps Back in the Best Way After Being Shamed for Breastfeeding in a Museum

victoria and albert museum photo

A mom who was merely trying to feed her kiddo while visiting a museum was the target of breastfeeding shaming over the weekend. Twitter user @vaguechera took to social media to share that after she had "flashed a nanosecond of nipple" in the courtyard of the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, she was told to cover up. Her brilliant response? Tweet out a bunch of photos of breasts and nipples from the art around the museum, proving the hypocrisy of the moment.

  • The mom shared that after she was told to cover up, she was "perplexed."

    After all, she was surrounded by sculptures that put women's breasts on full display.

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  • The mom quickly decided to whip out her phone and start tweeting photos of breasts made from stone vs. flesh.

  • "'I will throw you out of this museum with your naked breasts!' 'But I'm made of marble!' 'Oh sorry you're fine then' @V_and_A," the mom tweeted.

    vaguechera twitter photo
  • She also tweeted photos of pieces like "Mankind," "Pluto and Proserpina," and "Vertumnus and Pomona."

  • "Excuse me madam, would you mind covering your breasts with this mask while you feed?" she tweeted alongside this shot.

  • "On the upside, I had a lovely day at @v_and_a exploring depictions of breasts thru the ages and making lovely mammaries..."

    "...I mean memories," the outspoken mama concluded cheekily.

    Props to her for taking this museum to task. According to NPR, they have since responded to apologize, saying that "women are welcome to breastfeed in the museum." And the director of the museum even tweeted that their policy is that breastfeeding mothers "[should] not be disturbed."

    The breastfeeding mom told the BBC that she appreciated the statement, but "clearly not everyone is aware of the legal protection that women are afforded when feeding in a public space. Policies are important, but they only work if staff are supported to understand and carry them out." Damn straight!

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