Woman Praises Dad's Perfect Reaction After His Kid Makes a Huge Mess at Target

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Before we have kids, we all imagine what awesome parents we're going to be. We assume we'll know exactly how to handle every tough situation, we'll never lose our cool, and whenever something goes wrong, we'll use it as a golden opportunity to patiently impart vital life lessons. Unfortunately, things don't always go quite that smoothly. But an anonymous Minnesota dad is getting unanimous Internet praise after his kid made a huge mess at Target and his response was as close to perfect as it gets.


Over the weekend, a woman who goes by Kalynne Marie on Facebook posted that she was sitting inside the Starbucks at her local Target when she saw a little boy spill a huge slushee. "I'm talking blue and red goop all over the floor, the table, everywhere," she writes -- the kind of mess that would make most parents grit their teeth and wish they could teleport the hell out of that moment.

Kalynne writes that the little boy apologized profusely to his dad, but instead of getting upset, his dad handled the situation like a total boss. "Hey, it happens," the dad said. "Let's go get napkins and I can show you how to clean it up."

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Then, the dad and his kid started sopping up the slushee, and when they were done, they threw away their napkins and the dad dropped another totally zen wisdom bomb.

"You're going to be a human being for a long time, and you have such a smart brain that it's important you learn how to be more aware of what you're doing," he said. "So next time just be sure to pay more attention to your surroundings so accidents like this don't happen. Accidents like these can be prevented, but it's still okay if they happen. As long as you take responsibility for your mistakes, the cleanup is a breeze."

Later, Kalynne adds, the father followed up his previous lesson by saying, "I know big messes seem overwhelming and you might feel like you can't do it by yourself, but it's always okay to ask for help. There is no problem with asking for help when you need it."

As Kalynne writes, it was 100 percent an example of parenting done right. He didn't shame his son or make him feel like the accident was his fault. He just helped him clean it up and showed him how to handle it when things go wrong. As a mom of two, Kalynne says she was inspired by the dad's calm demeanor and encouraging words.

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"As soon as the father started helping his son clean up, I opened the Notes app on my phone and wrote what he said word for word, because I was so inspired by how he was handling the situation," Kalynne tells Babble of her post.

Since her post went up, it's gone crazy viral and has more than 57,000 shares. Dozens of parents have commented, not only to praise the dad, but also to say the post has made them think twice about how they react in similar situations. "I probably would have been the yelling mom," one woman writes. "Kudos to this guy!"

Of course, one can hardly blame parents for occasionally losing their shit in the face of adversity. But this dad's sweet interaction with his son is exactly the reminder so many of us need to stop, take a deep breath, and turn the hardest moments into positive ones instead.

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