Transgender Man Gives Birth to a Baby Boy, Proving 'Love Is Possible'

transgender couple with baby
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July 14 was a special day for Trystan Reese and Biff Chaplow of Portland, Oregon. Already parents to two adoptive children, the couple welcomed an exciting new addition to their family: a sweet baby boy named Leo. Trystan, a 34-year-old transgender man, carried and delivered Leo, bravely documenting his pregnancy on social media along the way.


Trystan and Biff's journey began in 2011, when, according to the Washington Post, Biff's sister could no longer take care of her two biological children, and the state offered to let the kids live with their uncle. At the time, Biff and Trystan had only been dating for a little over a year, but they both knew that giving these kids a loving home was something they could easily do.

Six years later, Biff and Trystan are married and have been raising Biff's niece and nephew as their own. In their loving home, Biff is referred to as "Dada" and Trystan is "Daddy." The two capture the trials and hardships of raising two kids in a trans and queer household on their Facebook page, Biff and I (which has over 21,000 followers), and on their blog, When they decided to have a biological child, they publicly documented the entire process.

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Trystan, assigned female sex at birth, began taking hormones and identifying as male 14 years ago. The couple decided to pursue a biological child under the watch of a doctor, who told them that because Trystan had only undergone hormone therapy during his transition, the conception process would be similar to that of a woman who decides to stop taking her birth control. "There was no risk to me and no risk to Leo. There were never any risks," Trystan tells CafeMom.

Five months later, the couple found out they were expecting. Around the six-month mark in Trystan's pregnancy, the couple shared a video on Facebook to address any questions their followers had.

Today, Dad and baby are recovering peacefully at home and Leo's siblings are getting used to having a younger brother.

Trystan says going public with their story has brought nothing but positive things to their family. Though it would have been easier to be private with their pregnancy, Tristan tells CafeMom, "I felt like I had to make the choice between living authentically and having a family. So I wanted to do this for the next generation of trans men so they didn't feel like they had to make the same choice."

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By being open about his pregnancy, Trystan is normalizing trans families. He adds, "We don't feel like we're doing anything crazy."

Trystan and Biff are not the first trans couple to conceive a child, but they are notable for being so public with their journey. On Instagram, Trystan has been sharing pictures of his new bundle of joy and playfully referring to himself as a "seahorse dad," because male seahorses carry and birth their babies.

"We are surrounded by a supportive community and have received nothing but love and support," Trystan tells CafeMom. "People were excited to see that this was possible."

Trystan also summed it up perfectly for the Washington Post: "I didn't think I would ever find someone I would fall in love with and would be with me. Being able to adopt two brilliant, funny, sweet kids was something that I never dreamed of. The fact that any of this happened has been a total surprise to me, because that's not the trans story we're told, that love is possible, that being a loving family is possible."

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