Fed-Up Mom Shuts Down All the Mom-Shaming She Witnessed at Disneyland

Alex Heppner

When you go somewhere fun with your kids, you know that sometimes being out and about means you have to bend the rules your family follows at home: Late bedtimes, junk food lunches, and maybe even unlimited screen time on the road are all part of the fun. But some people still think it's okay to shame parents for their choices, even at places like Disneyland where most parents are just doing their best to get through the day -- and one mom just isn't having it.


In a post on Instagram, Alex Heppner says she was at Disneyland with her almost-3-year-old daughter, Maxine, when she noticed an awful lot of mom-shaming going on, especially because her toddler still walks around with a pacifier.

"Maxine and I went to Disney yesterday and I couldn't help but notice how quick people are to judge," Heppner writes in her post. "Max is 2, almost 3, and she still sometimes uses a pacifier. Cause guess what? Disney is overwhelming for me as a grown ass woman -- it's incredibly overwhelming for some kids and pacifiers help calm senses. NO SHAME."

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Heppner went on to clap back at all the other forms of mom-shaming she witnessed at The Happiest Place on Earth:

"A Mom was nursing her little nugget incognito by a garbage area to be out of sight. Go feed that babe and still enjoy the park! NO SHAME. I personally don't let Max have much sugar but I saw many Mama's treating their babes to plenty. NO SHAME. I personally don't put a backpack with a leash on my toddler but I saw a Mom wrangling a pack of toddlers alone. Some had those backpacks, yo go girl. NO SHAME. Some moms had their whole family in head to toe matching themed outfits. Max wore a shirt I found at Walmart the night before for five dollars. Everyone looked adorable. NO SHAME."

Preach, mama! As a mother of three, I couldn't agree more with every sentiment expressed in this post. Because at one point or another, we've all been at least one of the moms she mentions. We've all nursed our babies in the garbage area, or leashed our kids (or thought about it), or bribed them with soft-serve, or dressed them in something from the clearance rack. NO SHAME. No shame ever, but especially when you're away from home and just doing what you have to do to get by.

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Trips and fun outings like these are supposed to be about making as many happy memories as possible, not being super rigid about coping mechanisms and judging other parents. The last thing any mom needs while trying to make sure her kids are having a good time is some stranger giving her side eye. As Heppner writes:

"We need to stop judging other moms and stick together. Don't ever let your whispers or looks make another mom feel like she's not a good one."

Words to live by!

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