Great Granddad Defies Death to Hold Newborn Granddaughter for First Time

great grandpa holds newborn

A person's will to live can be such a formidable force, it can defy the odds -- including a terminal cancer diagnosis. An unnamed parent shared a story of their dying granddad's promise to stay alive to meet his great-granddaughter for the first time, and the photo of their meeting will move you to tears.


"... I thank you for fighting and holding on to keep your promise," the new parent writes in their Imgur post. "Love you, always and forever."

One can only imagine how this parent felt finding out they were expecting a baby at the same time doctors informed their beloved grandfather he had bowel cancer. After being told he only had a few months to live, this granddad made a promise to meet the future bundle of joy, and he was determined to keep it.

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"'I promise to see my great-grandchild before I go,'" the anonymous poster's grandfather once said.

And, thankfully, he did.

Dying grandfather meets baby granddaughter for the first time

"Sadly my grandad's health and weight declined very rapidly, and within 3 months he went from around 18 stone [250 pounds] to how you see him in this picture," the writer describes in their Imgur post of the months leading up to their daughter's birth.

They continue:

"Every day we [were] expecting a call to say he had left us, and when the phone rang our hearts dropped. Before we knew it, we [were] in [the] hospital having our little Sophia -- but she had complications at birth which meant she had to be in hospital for a few days, and knowing that my granddad was barely holding on, we all got very upset.

.... We got the all clear to go home, but instead of going home, we went straight to the care centre my granddad was in so that Sophia could meet her brilliant great granddad! At this stage, my granddad could not sit himself up due to being so weak and slept all the time, but as we walked in, and said 'We have a special little lady to see you granddad,' he turned himself round and sat up the best he could with his arm out and half a smile (as that is all he could gather the strength to do) and said, 'Hello Sophia, I'm Great-Granddad.'"

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This photo of this grandfather meeting Sophia for the first time is incredibly precious in more ways than one. It's the first, and sadly, the last time these two will ever meet (the person who posted it says their granddad passed away a week later) -- but it's also an image of triumph, love, and the never-ending hope to endure. 

"Thank you, Grandad, for keeping your promise to us and to Sophia," the person writes in their touching Imgur post. "This photo will always be cherished, and Sophia will always be able to see it."

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