Parents Are Dragging These New Organic Lunchables

organic lunchables

Because the existence of items labeled "reduced fat potato chips" and "sexy maternity wear" weren't enough to make the world explode, the folks behind Lunchables are now bringing us a new head-scratcher. Behold two words you never ever thought you would see put together: Organic Lunchables.


Yes. Your '80s childhood memories have just been desecrated. We'll allow you a moment of silence for your neon-coated memories.

But hey, now you can be that mom who gives her kids Lunchables AND the mom who tells the world her little darlings ONLY eat organic! It's a miracle!

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Lunchables adding an organic option isn't exactly bad news. It's always great for parents to have quick and easy options for those days when they have just had it up to HERE. And if that quick and easy option is slightly healthier -- albeit expected to be priced about $2 more than the regular kind (at $2.99 vs. the usual $1) -- that's good for all involved. 

Well ... most involved, anyway. Some parents on social media are not exactly impressed with this move.

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At the end of the day, it seems Lunchables are still Lunchables ... even if your kid's smothering his organic cracker in organic pizza sauce and topping it off with organic cheese. 

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If you're riding that same "no way, no organic for me, thanks" train, don't worry.

The old versions are still sticking around for the organic-scmorganic moms out there. (You know who you are, ladies, and there's no shame in giving in when your kids beg for a special treat either ... although whether they'll still pull out the pouty lip for a "certified organic option that's free of artificial preservatives, ingredients, flavors, and colors" remains to be seen.)

On the other hand, if you're intrigued at the chance to go easy and organic on school lunch at the same time, you may just have the refrigerated section at the grocery store to yourself come August when the organic Lunchables hit the shelves.

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