This Restaurant's Strict, 1-Drink Policy for Parents Has the Internet Divided

Plenty of parents knock back a much-needed beer or a glass of wine while out to dinner with the kids, and most of us are well aware of our need to drink responsibly -- but one New York restaurant apparently isn't taking any chances. Peddlers Bar & Bistro in Clifton Park is going viral for their one-drink policy for adults who are dining with little ones. But while some customers are in support of the idea, it seems many other patrons are less than enthusiastic about being told what to do.


All folks eating or drinking at Peddlers are alerted to the policy -- which is intended to keep parents from drinking and driving -- as soon as they open their menu:

Peddlers Bar & Bistro

It's a perfectly legal request, according to the Times Union. In fact, the law actually says nothing about limiting drinks in bars at all, except to specify that it's illegal to serve someone who's visibly intoxicated. So essentially, bars and restaurants can deny service to anyone they want.

Still, many patrons feel that adults should be left to make their own decisions, and that this policy is symptomatic of a culture that's becoming increasingly judgmental of the choices parents make.

Albany Times Union/Facebook

Albany Times Union/Facebook

Albany Times Union/Facebook

But a lot of responses to the rule at Peddlers have actually been positive, with many people noting that parents should put a cap on their booze consumption if they're going to be driving anyway:

Albany Times Union/Facebook

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Albany Times Union/Facebook

It's worth pointing out that if this bar (or other bars) feel that more than one drink means customers shouldn't be on the road, then anyone who's driving should be subjected to the one-drink minimum, even if that person isn't with minors, right? Who's to say he or she wouldn't get into an accident with a car carrying kids?

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There's also the issue of individual alcohol tolerance: A second glass of rosé might send a 98-pound mom careening through a red light, but it likely wouldn't have the same effect on a 200-pound dad.

Still, at the end of the day, any rule that aims to keep children safe is likely at least trying to make a positive change. As many commenters pointed out, there's no shortage of other establishments that don't cut parents off after a single martini. But if your heart is set on Peddlers, you'll have to wait until you get home!

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