Go Ahead, Tell Another Mom She's Doing an Amazing Job -- She Might Really Need to Hear It

Ashli Brehm/HerViewFromHome.com

Ashli Brehm/HerViewFromHome.com

One of the most touching gestures a mom can give another mom is to compliment her on the amazing job she's doing as a parent. After all, motherhood is a mostly thankless job. We don't get much in terms of applause or great reviews. That's why when Ashli Brehm shyly went over to Jennifer Peters, mom of three, at the local pool to tell her she is, well, a "badass," Jennifer was happy to let Ashli take a photo of her kids (two of whom have spinal muscular atrophy) on their cool new pool floats and share her family's story. 

  • Ashli couldn't help herself. She knew that what Jennifer was doing was special.

    In a blog post from Her View From HomeAshli reveals that she knew it was weird to ask a stranger to take her picture, but, as she tells it: "I felt like this mama must be a warrior. A badass. A rock star. I felt like I had to meet her."

    The two women exchanged phone numbers and later that night Ashli received a text message that would more than confirm her gut feeling.

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  • Jennifer later wrote to Ashli, "There is hardly anything I won't do to help [my kids] experience what every other child can."

    Family smiling at the camera
    Jennifer Peters

    Jennifer, a maternal child nurse, had stayed up late into the night making floats for her children, Ella and Grayson, whose disease had severe limitations on their mobility. 

    In her text to Ashli, she explained, "They're just like any other children, just stuck in bodies that don't want to work."

    Jennifer said, "Am I tired? Hell yes. Is it worth it? Over and over again, yes."

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  • "I hope people see my blessings and don't feel pity for us," Jennifer said, adding, "We're not sad."

    We appreciate Jennifer's candor and this Facebook mom's perfect response.

  • Moms on Facebook from across the country continue to connect with Jennifer's story.

    We just love all these moms loving on moms. There's nothing better or more meaningful. 

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  • And to Ashli, Jennifer became a hero.

    Three children looking at the camera
    Jennifer Peters

    Ending her blog post on an emotional high, Ashli wrote:

    "I was in love with this strong, warrior woman's creative soul and stick-to-it spirit. I found myself so proud to get to be in the hood of mothers with someone like her. Someone who gives mothers such a great name. I found myself in awe of this stranger and the true goodness that she is living out in her life. In the life she is giving her babies because she knows that every day is a bonus."

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