Mom Produces 200 Ounces of Breast Milk a Day -- & She's Using It for an Incredible Cause

Elizabeth Anderson-Sierra with freezer of breast milk

There's a reason why we often refer to breast milk as "liquid gold." Aside from being nutritious and delicious to your growing baby, breast milk can sometimes be hard to come by -- which makes this story pretty freaking incredible. Elisabeth Anderson-Sierra is a mom who produces 200-plus ounces of breast milk a day that she donates to help others.

  • The Oregon mom of two donates most of her breast milk bounty to local moms and milk banks that hospitals often look to for preemies in need.

    Anderson-Sierra has hyperlactation syndrome, an extreme form of oversupply that makes her a breast milk "super producer" and a saving grace for so many moms.

    "Being able to help so many babies every single day is just a beautiful thing," Anderson-Sierra tells KATU News. "There are overproducers out there, that are willing to share, and willing to help."

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  • "I produce over 200 ounces a day, right at about 225 ounces. Normally, a mother produces 20-30 ounces a day to meet her child's needs."

    Yeah, that's about a gallon and a half of breast milk a day that helps fill up this mom's two full-size freezers.

  • And just in case you're questioning how safe breast milk donations are, as Elisabeth explains, her liquid gold undergoes a meticulous process.

    "They rigorously test the milk for drugs, bacteria, anything," the mom explains to KATU News. "And if your milk fails, they can't use it."

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  • Elisabeth dedicates hours each day to her cause and believes it will be a great life lesson to her 6-month-old daughter Sophia, whom she breastfeeds.

    "I will tell her that she learned how to share from day one," the mom tells KATU News. "Because she was sharing mommy's milk with a bunch of babies -- hundreds of babies."

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