2-Year-Old & His Brother Crash Their Mom's Car After a 3-Mile Joy Ride

Child behind the wheel of a car

When parents let their kids enjoy the fruits of playtime, the most that crosses anyone's mind is a child getting a bruise ... and not said child hopping into a car and driving off. But two brothers are making headlines after the 5- and 2-year-old siblings took off on a joy ride in their mom's car -- driving miles without anyone noticing they were gone.


The unnamed little ones wanted to see their grandpa's animals on his farm seven miles away, Fox 6 News reports, and were determined to do it. So when their mom let them play in the front yard, this 5- and 2-year-old duo seized the opportunity to take their mom's spare keys from underneath the mat in her car and embark on their journey.

Yeah ... let that sink in.

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Aside from not giving a flip about the state driving laws (sarcasm), these brothers also utilized teamwork, with the 5-year-old manning the pedals while the 2-year-old steered the car. Somehow, the kids were able to drive three miles -- on an empty road no less! -- before they drove the car into an embankment.


Thankfully, these boys were unharmed (Mom's car ... not so much) and were taken to the hospital to get checked out. Criminal charges are pending as Putnam County Sheriff Steve Deweese tells Fox 6 News there's a gap surrounding how long the 5- and 2-year-old boys were left outside unattended before taking their mother's car.

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Charlene Wiseman, owner of the apartment complex where the family lives, is not amused and told the mom to leave her property.

"I have family that live here," Wiseman explains to Fox 6 News. "We have other tenants. Our children play out here. We're not expecting anything like a runaway car coming by."

As laughable as it is to think of two small kids cruising down the street in a car like it's NBD, this incident could've ended in tragedy. Aside from potentially locking themselves in their mother's car -- risking vehicular heatstroke -- these boys could've killed themselves or someone else on the road.

"This could've been a tragic, tragic accident," Sheriff Deweese mentions to Fox 6 News. "I'm so glad that the kids didn't get seriously injured."

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