10 Germiest Kids Items You're Probably Forgetting to Clean

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Parents will do just about anything to keep both their kids and homes clean. We scrub like Cinderella when the spirit moves us, and are notorious for whipping out diaper wipes to sanitize anything within a two-mile radius. But just when you think it's safe to let out a "This house is clean" declaration, an unsuspicious germy item your child encounters on the daily rears its ugly head. Researchers from ASecureLife.com just identified the 10 germiest kids' items in your home, and they might make you cringe. 

  • A Secure Life surveyed moms and dads to rank 10 common household and baby items they thought had the most and fewest germs.

    Swabbing each of the items, the ASL team worked with lab techs to debunk the germiest items kids interact with every day.

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    Here are the surprising results...

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  • 1. Stroller

    Sorry to break the news, but the saving grace known as your blessed stroller is the germiest item in your house!

    While most parents surveyed by A Secure Life assumed the TV remote would take the "germiest" title, it's actually our children's chair on wheels -- the one that often treks through everything, including poop at the park and the inside of yucky public restrooms -- that needs some extra TLC in the sanitation department.

  • 2. Pacifier/Sippy Cup

    How many of us are guilty of calling on the powers of the "five second rule" to keep our children's binkies clean every time they drop them? We all have the best intentions of washing each and every sippy cup and pacifier that comes in contact with a dirty floor or curious pet, but we're human. We forget.

  • 3. Plush Toy

    Looking at your kid's army of stuffed animals and struggling to remember the last time you washed them?

    Yeah, you aren't alone. 

    Plush toys are some of the best traveling buddies for kids -- often tagging along to grocery stores, malls, and vacations before making their way back into LO's bed. That makes them susceptible to all sorts of nasty germs.

  • 4. Diaper Bag

    While the quintessential diaper bag is not the germiest item on this list, the thought of what moms bring home on that lifeline of a bag is will give you nightmares. Think about it: You take your diaper bag everywhere and likely place it on random floors and surfaces.

    Nope ... don't want to think about that.

  • 5. TV Remote

    Rounding out the top five of the germiest items your kids encounter is the TV remote -- you know, the thing that always ends up somewhere it's not supposed to be (under the couch, in the bathroom)?

  • 6. Plastic Toy

    Ah, who doesn't love these toys that you often find covered in drool, spit-up, and some unidentifiable matter you pray to God isn't poop? 

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  • 7. Board Book

    Why settle for softback books when your kid can chew and drool on board books? These common teething ring subsitutes apparently come with a germy price.

  • 8. Bedroom Door/Knob

    Who are we kidding, we can't remember the last time we thoroughly cleaned the doorknobs in our homes. A closed door is like a silent alarm for children to invade a room, which is probably why bedroom doors and doorknobs go unnoticed.

  • 9. Cell Phone/Tablet

    Believe it or not, your cell phone and tablet aren't that germy -- which is pretty surprising. Then again, most of us only use our gadgets as sanity savers when our kids need entertainment ... er, we mean an "educational experience."

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  • 10. Car Keys

    Last but not least on this list of germiest items are the car keys that often get thrown into the nearest bag and cause the biggest headache when moms need to find them.

  • Freaking out about all the germy items in your house? Well, here's something to consider:

    While A Secure Life has identified the germiest kids' items in the home, the company is quick to point out their findings were based on a "small sample size that does not necessarily represent the general population."

    So, maybe your child's stroller and plush toys aren't that bad. Still, it's best to err on the side of caution and remember to wipe down these mentioned items a little more.

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