Mom Issues Warning to Parents: Toss Your Wire Grill Brush ASAP

Jenna Kuchik/Facebook

As people continue rolling out lawn chairs for summer barbecues, it's important to think about safety -- and that goes beyond not blowing up the grill, keeping the kiddos away from flames, or cross-contaminating raw meats and poultry. Sadly, there's another precaution we need to add to our lists, as Jenna Kuchik's warning to parents about the dangers of using a metal BBQ brush is too hair-raising to ignore.

  • The Canadian mom of three took to Facebook to share son Ollie's ghastly X-ray that shows a metal bristle from a BBQ brush lodged in his throat.

    "Just minutes after eating BBQ chicken ... Ollie started crying and complaining there was something stuck and hurting his throat," Kuchik recounts in her Facebook post. "After suspecting a BBQ bristle was stuck, matt checked the other chicken that we hadn't eaten yet and found one in there too. X-ray confirmed a few hours later that there was indeed a metal bbq brush bristle in my little boy's throat."

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  • Though the bristle doesn't look too bothersome, Jenna says her poor boy couldn't swallow and "kept gagging and spitting" during the ordeal ...

  • That resulted in a trip to a children's hospital so doctors could operate on little Ollie.

    "Because of the location of the bristle the dr wanted to send him to the stollery in Edmonton via ambulance ..." the mom writes in her now viral post.

  • After 24 hours, doctors removed two pieces of the metal bristles from the little boy's throat.

  • "It was the most awful and difficult 24 hours of my life watching my son in so much pain ..." Kuchik writes on Facebook.

  • Experts have warned about the dangers of using wire barbecue brushes.

    "One little bristle unrecognized could get lodged in various areas of the body, whether in the throat, tonsil or neck region," Dr. David Chang, an associate professor at the University of Missouri-Columbia School of Medicine, notes in a study.

    "If the bristle passes through those regions without lodging itself, it could get stuck further downstream in places like the esophagus, stomach or the intestine. The biggest worry is that it will lodge into those areas and get stuck in the wall of the intestine."

  • In some cases, bristles from metal BBQ brushes are hard to spot on X-rays, which makes them even more problematic.

    With an estimated 80,000 people heading into ER annually after ingesting foreign objects, experts believe switching to nylon brushes can make a world of difference that just might prevent this accident from happening to your child.

  • Thankfully, Jenna's son is on the mend. But that's not stopping this mom from getting the word out about the dangers of using metal BBQ brushes.

    "I am so grateful he is OK," Kuchik writes in her Facebook post, "but I just don't ever want something like this to happen to someone else."

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