Cop Dresses Up as IRL Superheroes to Surprise Sick Kids in the Hospital

Heroes & Cops Against Childhood Cancer/Facebook

cop dresses up as superhero for sick kids
Heroes & Cops Against Childhood Cancer/Facebook

Every now and then, someone comes along who qualifies as a real-life superhero -- and Texas police officer Damon Cole is definitely one of those special people. Knowing how much Superman, Batman, Iron Man, and Optimus Prime mean to kids, Cole travels to visit sick children in hospitals dressed up like their favorite characters to help them feel better (and it sure does work!).

  • It all started with Cole's desire to let kids know that police officers are always there to help.

    As Cole, who's been a police officer since 1999, explains on his website, he's always wanted to "make a big impact" on kids. Initially, he sewed a Superman patch on his bulletproof vest to make kids feel safe whenever he went out on a call. Kids loved it, so he took the idea one step further and started dressing up in full superhero costumes to visit children in local hospitals.

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  • In 2015, Cole decided it was time for his one-man superhero show to hit the road.

    When Cole found out about 7-year-old Illinois boy named Bryce, he took some time off from work, put on his costume, and made the 11-hour trip to see him.

    "I just knew I had to make the trip up there," Cole writes on his site. "Bryce was smiling ear to ear. I showed him my Superman car and I gave him some Superman stuff. I gave him one of my extra Superman capes and he loved it."

  • After seeing how happy his visit made the little boy, Cole decided he'd found his calling.

    "Ever since then, I will go anywhere to see any child, so I can have the same impact on them as I did with Bryce and his family," Cole says.

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  • True to his word, Cole has brought his act to kids in Missouri, Indiana, New York City, Tennessee, Oklahoma, and Florida.

    "I love having a positive impact on the kids I come in contact with," Cole writes on Facebook.

  • Now, Cole chooses his characters based on kids who write him about their favorite heroes.

    He's also "very picky" about the quality of his costumes, because he wants to make sure he leaves a lasting impression on each kid he meets.

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  • Cole, who is a dad himself, is committed to helping lift the spirits of kids and their families in any way he can.

    "I want to inspire people,” Cole explains on his website. "I want someone to look at me and say, because of you I didn't give up."

    Cole is the best kind of superhero we can think of -- the real kind!

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