Elementary Bus Driver Crochets Custom Toys for Almost Every Kid on Her Route

Trudy Serres

There is nothing better than knowing that your kids are in good hands when you send them off to school in the morning. From their teachers to their friends, every interaction can make their day a little brighter. That's why it was so sweet when bus driver Trudy Serres went the extra mile and made every student on her bus their own crocheted animal. Can you say, awwww?

  • It all started when kids on Trudy's bus noticed her habit of crocheting while waiting to drive them home in the afternoons.

    Trudy Serres

    One student dared Serres to crochet him a taco, and she nailed it.

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  • Of course, when the other kids got wind of this special favor, they all had to have one.

    Trudy Serres
  • Instead of making tacos for the whole group, Serres took requests.

    Trudy Serres

    She kindly made each child whatever design he or she wanted, which resulted in some very interesting responses, including strawberries dipped in chocolate, Yoda from Star Wars holding a light saber, Mewtwo from Pokemon, and even a mustache on a stick.

  • Serres wrote about her incredibly sweet gesture on Facebook, where it quickly went viral.

    Despite the attention, she says she did it to make the kids happy, not for recognition. "[I] did not know the story was going to go as far as it has," she tells CafeMom. "I am glad I can spread some happiness and joy to the rest of the world with my hobby of crocheting."

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  • It's no surprise that the kids loved Trudy's creatures, and we're willing to bet her actions made the school year a little more magical for everyone.

    Trudy Serres
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