Attacked Mom of 6 Shares the Old-School Trick That Saved Her Life

Jessica Collins
Jessica Collins/Facebook

While many of us know to look both ways before crossing the street and to lock car and house doors for the sake of safety, there are other dangers lurking around the corner waiting for the chance to strike. Jessica Collins is a Texas mom of six who was attacked outside her apartment. But little did her assailant know, Jessica was ready, thanks to an old-school trick her mom showed her that likely saved her life.

  • The 27-year-old took to Facebook, where she gave an account of her attack that happened while trying to retrieve her phone charger from her car.

    "I realized I left my phone charger in my car," Collins writes in her now viral Facebook post. "So I unlock my car and grab the cord, and then step back to shut the door when a Hispanic male punched me in the nose."

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  • But Jessica's attacker had no clue he was dealing with a badass mom who was ready to fight back...

  • ...and had her keys between her knuckles -- a self-defense strategy Jessica's mother showed her as a child, KPRC 2 News reports.

    Thanks to her mom, and the self-defense documentary she watched years ago, Jessica remembered this life-saving trick she used against her attacker that allowed police to collect his DNA.

    " ... I had my keys in a defense position [and] I gave him a right hook and ended up getting him in the neck," Collins writes in her Facebook post. "... Then he ran one way (holding his neck), and I ran the other way into my apt building and got inside my apt then called the police."


  • Since sharing her post on June 30, Jessica wants to raise safety awareness and pass down her mom's safety tip to other women.

    "Ladies, if [you're] going somewhere alone, always always carry your keys with one between two knuckles ..." the mom of six writes in her Facebook post. "It's so important to remember your safety. Especially when everything happens so fast .... So many women and girls these days don't pay attention or think until it's too late."

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