Worried Moms Warn Fidget Spinners Are Bursting into Flames

Blown up fidget spinner
Fox 66 News

You'll find it pretty hard these days to navigate grocery aisles, school halls, and even your own home without bumping into someone consumed by a fidget spinner. They're cool and addictive and, apparently, might prove to be a fire hazard -- wait, what? Kimberly Allums and Michelle Carr are concerned mothers who each had a scary encounter with Bluetooth fidget spinners this month that were supposed to play music but ended up exploding in their homes.


Allums tells WBRC Fox 6 News she and her family were getting ready to leave the house when she heard her son yelling upstairs, likely in shock as his charging fidget spinner set ablaze.

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"[My son] noticed that it burst into flames and he just started screaming," the Alabama mom tells WBRC. "I was downstairs and all I heard was 'Fire! Fire!' and the fidget spinner had literally ... it wasn't smoking, it was in flames."


And Allums is certainly not alone, as Carr, a Michigan mom, told Fox 66 News the Bluetooth fidget spinner she bought for her kids caught on fire after charging for less than 30 minutes

Though she admits she used her baby monitor's charging cord -- as the Bluetooth fidget spinner did not come with charging instructions, let alone a charger for the device -- Michelle wants to get the word out in case other families purchase a similar spinner for their kids.

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"... I know there are tons of kids who want to go get [Bluetooth fidget spinners], but if you plug them in, just stay by and make sure it's charged and it doesn't catch [fire]," Carr tells Fox 66 News.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) already recommends keeping fidget spinners away from young children, as they can be a choking hazards. But these high-tech Bluetooth spinners add a new layer of paranoia to the mix.

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As experts continue to navigate the fidget spinner craze -- and figure out how safe they are for children -- Rachel Rothman, the chief technologist at the Good Housekeeping Institute, advises moms and dads to never leave a device charging without supervision.

"You should always charge when you are present, but definitely not overnight while you are sleeping," Rothman reveals on GoodHousekeeping.com. "Let the toy cool for a bit after you use it before plugging it in, especially if it's hot. And always keep it away from flammable objects."

Rothman also recommends only purchasing gadgets and toys from reputable companies. And should there ever be a problem with your fidget spinner, parents can also report issues on the CPSC's Safer Products website

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