Mom Dyes Her 2-Year-Old's Hair Pink & the Internet Is Slamming Her

mom dyes daughter hair pink

If there's one thing kids love, it's color. From bright markers to bold patterns on their clothes to the dark blue finger-paint they smear across the walls when we aren't looking, kids are all about living in a technicolor dream world. So, of course, when Instagram star Charity Grace LeBlanc gave her 2-year-old daughter the chance to dye her hair pink, the little girl leapt at the chance. The toddler looks completely adorable, of course, but the Internet is having some feelings.


The controversy started when LeBlanc shared videos on YouTube and Instagram detailing the process of coloring daughter Felicity's hair. "She has been asking for pink hair for a long time now," the mom explained in her YouTube video. "So I bit the bullet and we're doing it!"

Cue: the cutest hair appointment you've ever seen.

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In her video, LeBlanc says she used Manic Panic hot pink hair dye, which she describes as gentle and safe for kids, and she adds that it washed out of her daughter's hair within a few days.

Naturally, Felicity was thrilled with her new look.

charity grace leblanc daughter

But some of Charity Grace's fans weren't exactly feeling the love. It didn't take long for comments to come pouring in calling LeBlanc an irresponsible mom and accusing her of permanently damaging her daughter's hair.




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Obviously hot pink hair isn't for everyone. But seriously, Internet, can we just let this mom and daughter live?

The controversy surrounding Felicity's hair is yet another reminder that when it comes to the vast majority of parenting decisions, we need to collectively take a chill pill. What's good for one mom isn't always going to be the right choice for other moms, and that's totally okay.

Luckily, Felicity and her mom seemed to take all of the criticism in stride.

charity grace leblanc

Keep rocking it, ladies.

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