Little Boy Dies From Drowning a Week After Swimming

child dies of dry drowning
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Safety is crucial when it comes to kids swimming and playing at pools, beaches, and lakes. But most parents assume that once children are out of the water, they're free from the risk of drowning. Sadly, that's not the case. A 4-year-old in Texas shockingly died days after swimming in knee-deep water.


Little Frankie Delgado, remembered for his love of baseball and his zest for life, seemed to be battling a stomach bug and experiencing vomiting and diarrhea a week after the family returned from a trip to Texas City. But when the child suddenly stopped breathing, his devastated parents called 911. It was then that doctors discovered that Frankie's lungs and the area around his heart were filled with fluid.

"When she [the doctor] came in, she told us it's what's called dry drowning. His lungs were full of fluid. There was nothing else they could do for him," Tara Delgado, the boy's mother, told KTRK.

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Needless to say, no one could've seen this tragedy coming. Yet dry drowning, which happens when small amounts of water are inhaled and most commonly claims young children as its victims, can occur hours and even days after swimming or playing in water -- making it every parent's greatest nightmare. 

According to WebMd, both dry drowning and secondary drowning have the same symptoms, which include coughing, chest pain, trouble breathing, and feeling extremely tired.

The site states that while dry drowning makes up only 1-2 percent of all drowning fatalities, knowing the symptoms and water safety tips can help prevent it. WebMd offers the following guidelines to help protect children against this frightening condition:

  • Always watch closely when your child is in or around water.
  • Only allow swimming in areas where lifeguards are on duty.
  • Never let your child swim alone.
  • Be aware that drowning can happen in any kind of water -- bathtubs, toilet bowls, ponds, or small plastic pools.

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A GoFundMe page has been established to help the family of little Frankie with their medical and funeral expenses. He was only 4 years old, and he had so much life to live. Hopefully this heartbreaking tragedy can prevent dry drowning accidents from claiming any more innocent lives.

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