Wearable Camera Can Record Every Minute of Your Kid's Life -- Seriously

Benjamin Button camera
Benjamin Button

When it comes to their little one's childhood, many parents have serious FOMO (fear of missing out). No one wants to be absent for a milestone moment, but with careers and other obligations, you can't follow the tots around all day with camera at the ready. Or can you? Enter Benjamin Button. (Yes, that's the same name as the Brad Pitt movie, but this story has a totally different ending.) This button-sized smart camera clips on to your child's clothing, allowing you to see the world through his or her eyes. All. Day. Long. 


Not only does the camera shoot footage of your family, it then picks and edits "moments that matter, all automatically," and makes them easy to enjoy and share. You can even wear it yourself and never miss a second of your tiny tot exploring the world and interacting with friends and family.

Does that sound wonderful or slightly terrifying? Even if you're pumping the brakes on the idea of being part of your family's own personal Truman Show, plenty of others are enthralled by the concept -- so much so that the Kickstarter campaign to back Benjamin Button was funded in less than 10 hours!

If you still have your doubts, listen to the founder's heartfelt story in which he shares his inspiration for creating the button:

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For parents who try to ditch the devices when connecting with kids, this may seem at odds with that notion, but you have to admit, the hands-free, "always on" aspect is pretty intriguing -- especially if you've encountered the misfortune of having a low battery or not enough storage at a crucial must-capture moment. This device really does allow you to be present in every moment, without any worries about preserving memories. 

But can it withstand your busy toddler? Benjamin Button can hold up against water, dust, and the inevitable drops. It's also safe for kids because it's made from BPA-free plastics and doesn't pose a choking hazard. This video makes its features clear enough that even a kid can understand them:


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As kids age, this gadget could come in very handy in other ways. Want to solve that disagreement about who hit the baseball through your neighbor's window? Just roll back the videotape!

Wondering if your little guy or gal is looking both ways crossing the street? Simply attach Benjamin Button and watch! Want to see who's eating all the ice cream? Stick the camera on top of the fridge and you'll catch your culprit!

However, before too long, you can picture kids burying old Benji B. to avoid getting caught on tape, right?

Still, it's a pretty innovative idea -- especially for those who worry about not being around enough to enjoy those special moments you can't plan for. If you fall into that category, you can grab a limited edition button by backing the campaign or wait until later this year when they're available to the mainstream market for $249 per button.

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