Mom Says Stranger Stole Her $1,800 Stroller at Disney World & Tried to Sell It

mom stroller stolen at disney world
Disney Club/Facebook

When you spend the day in a fun, family-friendly spot like a Disney park, the last thing you expect is to have a stranger walk off with your baby gear. But that's exactly what one mom says happened to her. Lauren Collazo shared a viral photo she says shows a woman stealing her pricey stroller at Disney World. The shocking photo has landed the alleged criminal in hot water with the police ... and put parents on high alert.


The photo popped up on Facebook in mid-April, shared by a couple who claimed their $1,800 Bugaboo stroller had been wheeled out of the stroller parking area at the Hollywood Studios theme park. 

stroller stolen at disney world
Disney Club/Facebook

It wasn't just the stroller that went missing -- the family said there was a wallet in there (meaning the mom was stranded without any money once her stroller went missing), an expensive EpiPen, and more. But once they took to the Internet with their story, they found a whole lot of sympathy ... and help from some 700 folks who hit the share button. 

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And it worked! The Orlando police say the woman in the picture is Michelle Craig, and she's turned herself in. Craig is now facing charges of grand theft after allegedly selling the stroller to another mom on Craigslist ... a mom who found the original owner's name on items in the stroller!

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Cops are apparently investigating whether Craig stole other high-end baby goods, like expensive diaper bags, and sold them online as well.

If the whole story has you a little nervous about an upcoming summer vacation at a theme park or one of the myriad spots that require moms park their strollers outside, well, you're not alone. People have been coming out of the woodwork to share their own stories of stroller thievery that make you wonder just where all those "great deals" on some of those Facebook swap sites originated.


The unfortunate incident is a good reminder to make sure you thoroughly check those stow-and-go compartments for anything that might be picked up by someone with sticky fingers. Even something like an EpiPen could suddenly walk off while you're inside having a blast with the kids. 

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It seems other moms have already thought of this, as they offered up a ton of good tips that could get you through the summer season. 

You can hit the hardware store for some sort of lock. 


bike lock idea

Or go high tech with a tracking device: 

track your stroller

And as always, if you see something that doesn't look right in stroller parking, say something. We're all in this mom thing together!

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